The Royal British Legion Club,
Eversley Road (A327), Aborfield RG2 9PR

Every 2nd and 4th Thursday in the Month, ‘American’ Style Country Music

There are more people around that like the sound of Country Music than the general public are lead to believe. How often have you heard someone say ‘I like that number’ not realizing that particular song or piece of music comes under the classification of ‘Country Music’. The myth of Country Music being all about Yee Haa's, straw bales, cartwheels and singing cowboys are long gone. Most numbers have a story in the lyrics whether it be about love, prison or everyday life, and is performed with a sense of conviction both by the vocalist and the musicians that are (or should be) alongside him or her.
From an early age I was brought up to appreciate ‘LIVE’ music, first as a chorister and then as a regular visitor at the now long gone Reading Palace, which used to put on the big bands on a regular basis, e.g. Ted Heath Band, Ken McKintosh, Eric Delaney, Jack Parnell and the Johnny Dankworth Band. I used to marvel at the musicianship of the members of the bands. Unfortunately today these big bands are gone and sadly the Country Muisc bands that were around in the 70s, 80s and early 90s are fast disappearing. When I say bands I mean 6, 5 and 4 piece that gave their audience ‘LIVE’ music.
With the introduction of the drum machine, mini-discs and more recently the mp3's and iPods more and more country artists are drifting away from bands and going out as solo's or duo's and using these artificial musical aids to get a full sounding band behind them. I am personally totally against this. To me it is fraudulent, I have even in recent years witnessed a solo artist performing on stage actually miming the vocals.
What in actual fact I am saying is that when the ‘H-Bar-C’ first opened their doors back in 1983 our policy and in actual fact our slogan was that ‘The quality of the music is our first concern’ and this still applies today. As we run twice a month we find that we are engaging some of the bands 3 times in a 12 month period, mainly because there are so few genuine ‘LIVE’ bands now in the UK. When people come to the ‘H-Bar-C’ they can expect to listen and dance to music that is actually being played by the musicians on the stage. Karaoke is a definitely a ‘NO GO’.
So if you enjoy dancing (NO LINE-DANCING ALLOWED) or just want to sit back and enjoy listening to good ‘QUALITY’ Country music in a ‘QUALITY’ environment, why not come along on Thursday evening. Country people are a friendly bunch and you will be made most welcome. Our venue has a large tarmac car park, licensed bar with prices cheaper than the average public house, candle-lit tables with tablecloths, soft chairs and a proper wooden dance floor. On most evenings there are light snacks at the bar.
No membership is required, dress is smart casual/western wear and admission is on the door which is normally 7.00. We do not allow any children in under the age of 14. For further details please ring 0118 989 1354 or 07720 353879.

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